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beneficiaries will receive one last check on December 29

December is not over yet and you may have already spent all your SSI money. Even if you received your check on December 1, the cost of living is exorbitant. For example, paying for mortgage, medical expenses, or food has become really expensive.

There are over 5 million Americans who are receiving SSI and they usually get their payment on the first day of the month. As long as it is not a holiday or on the weekend, the Social Security Administration sends the money on that day.

However, it is not possible to send it on January 1 because it is a bank holiday. Banks and other financial institutions close, so they may not be able to process SSI payments. Even if it is the January payment on December 29, it feels like a bonus payment since most beneficiaries may have spent too much on Christmas.


The thing is you may receive two SSI payments in December, but the amounts will not be the same. Thankfully, the Social Security increase will arrive on December 29 for those on Supplemental Security Income, so their checks will be higher if they are still eligible.

Seniors and people with a disability can get SSI payments

What is more, not all beneficiaries receive the same amount because of their status. While some recipients are married, others are single. There is another possibility, to be an essential person. In their case, their checks are smaller.

SSI maximum amount is 914 dollars in 2023 if you are single. This amount will go up to $943 in 2024. Of course, to get their January payment they will not have to wait until next year, December 29 is their payday.

Married couples can collect up to $1,371 in 2023, but their new checks can give them up to $1,415 from December 29 onward. Do not forget to inform Social Security if your marital status changes because this may affect your payments.

Overpayment is a possibility and you do not want this to happen. SSI maximum amounts for essential persons are $458 in 2023 and $472 in 2024. So, get ready to get a 3.2% more in just a few weeks.


Undoubtedly, you will not be able to collect Supplemental Security Income unless you get Social Security approval. Therefore, you must submit your application first.

The main requirement to collect SSI is to be on a low income, but it is not the only one. It is true that some people qualify for their age, but others because of their disability.

Even some children qualify for SSI but only if they have a disability that meets the strict definition given by Social Security. So, if you collect SSDI or retirement checks, you can apply for Supplemental Security Income too.

What is more, if you do not have enough money to buy food, you can also apply for SNAP benefits, the former Food Stamps. In this way, you can make your budget larger and make ends meet more comfortably.

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