Disability benefits update: New SSDI payment worth up to $3,627

It is some for some Americans on disability benefits to receive their December SSDI checks. Although the maximum amounts are quite large payments, the average check is not so much money.

Therefore, if you have just applied and gotten the approval to get SSDI, you should expect something like $1489. SSA said $1,489 is the average SSDI check in 2023 in their last COLA fact sheet.

Then, if you have not received your SSDI check yet, there are two different paydays to get it. the first one will be on December 20 and the second one on December 27.


This payment will not be for those on Social Security Disability Insurance before May 1997. That will be the first requirement you must meet to cash this money from the Administration.

Make sure your birthday matches the birth date requirement to get an SSDI payment on December 20 and 27

The second thing is the fact that your birthday must be from 11-20. For example, if you started receiving SSDI benefits after May 1997 and your birthday is on May 16, you will be eligible for the December 20 payment. The month your birthday is does not really matter.

As for the amounts, average payments can be about $1,489 but it will depend on your work history and previous earnings. The more taxes you paid to Social Security, the higher your SSDI payment will be.

Do not forget that the December payments will not bring the COLA boost. Not even the December 27 SSDI check. This payment will be for those whose birthday is from the 21-31.


Apart from Social Security Disability Insurance payments, there will be a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check. Although recipients will collect their money in December, it is their January SSI payment.

Therefore, it will have a COLA boost. So, instead of $914 (the maximum amount in 2023) some eligible seniors could receive $943. Married couples could get up to $1,415.

Do not forget that some SSDI beneficiaries can collect both SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance. This is because they have a low income, so the Administration sends them a supplement.

If you are thinking about applying for SSDI, make sure you gather all the information quickly to prove you have a qualifying condition. If you are on SSI you may also qualify for SNAP benefits, so apply to get more money for healthy food.

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